National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day: a day to celebrate the past, present, and future of aviation in Canada.

Over 100+ Years of Canadian Aviation

With Canada's extensive history in aviation, stretching back over 100 years, we are continuing to advance aviation across the country. That being said, today is a day to celebrate "everything aviation" in Canada. Men and Women in Canada have contributed to the progress we've made today, something to be proud of as a nation.

To showcase some major Canadian milestones:



On February 23, the Silver Dart flies nearly 800 m in Baddeck, NS, marking Canada’s first powered, heavier-than-air flight. - Transport Canada *

This technological milestone proved that flight was possible and sustainable for more than a couple feet. Without this first step, imagine how different the world and SAR would look today.

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Early image of Canadian Air Force aircraft circa 1918-1920

The Canadian Air Force is formed, establishing an aeronautical branch of the Canadian military under the title of Canadian Air Force (CAP). The name switch to Royal Canadian Air Force transitioned in 1924. A major milestone for aviation in Canada, to have a dedicated field in our military forces!

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Information Source:–1920)



NavCanada becomes responsible for air navigation in Canada. - Transport Canada*
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Canada leads the world by being the first country to implement safety management systems (SMS) as a new way to eliminate safety risks in civil aviation. - Transport Canada *



Image from CASARA Member Marco Laforest

Canada introduces new regulations for remotely piloted aircraft systems (drones). - Transport Canada *

Note: * Information with this label is from Transport Canada here:

There are plenty more "milestones" we could have added to this list, so please check out the link above to view a full comprehensive list on Canada's aviation history from Transport Canada!

We weren't the very first nation to take it to the sky, but our contribution has been well documented and significant. Today, Canadians honour the pioneers who opened the skies as a way to connect people and move goods safely and quickly within our large nation and around the world. We also celebrate the many people throughout Canada's aviation history who share the credit for Canada's aviation safety, strength and success.

Happy National Aviation Day!