The CASARA Foundation

About the Foundation


The CASARA Foundation was first established in May 2004 (first bursary given out 15 May 04) and has given out 35+ bursaries to individuals across Canada with a total of $35,000.00+ to date.

Our bursaries hold preference to CASARA Members and their family with the most given out of $5,000, and the average of $1,000 per bursary per recipient. The CASARA Foundation also gives out $1,000 to the Air Cadet League of Canada for a deserving Cadet to further his/her Pilot Training each year, based on The Air Cadet League's pick of recipient from Cadets across Canada. The bursary funds are not given directly to the recipient but sent to their school of choice. Any recipient needs to provide a proof of enrolment along with their student number and funding is sent to that school to be credited against their student account.

The managing members of the Foundation are CASARA's Past Presidents who run it on a day-to-day basis. The Board of Directors (BOD) all hold one vote each for the future of our bursary recipients and are usually decided upon at the end of the Spring, during our National AGM Board of Directors meetings.

Our Bursary

The CASARA Foundation Annual Bursary

The CASARA Foundation awards bursaries annually for applicants, with our largest contribution of up to $5,000 directed towards anyone interested in furthering their education.

HOW TO APPLY: To apply for the bursary, one should write a letter explaining what they are hoping to do and submit it to their Provincial or Territorial CASARA Director for endorsement. The MO Director will then forward the letter with his/her endorsement to the CASARA Foundation President for consideration of the CASARA Foundation.

2020 Volunteer Recipients

Oct 17th, 2020

  1. $1000.00 to Air Cadet League of Canada (ACLC)
  2. $1000.00 to KJ Allen at Alkan Air
  3. $1000.00 to F.Sgt Charley Cai at Pacific Flying Club
  4. $1000.00 to Arianna Terry from CASARA AB