Membership Stories

View our stories, featuring some of our most honourable members in CASARA. If you would like to see someone mentioned here, please contact us here!

2. Charles "Chuck" Pachal | 50 Years in SAR


Charles “Chuck” Pachal is a man who has dedicated a great portion of his life to the advancement of civil and military aviation search and rescue. His efforts in search and rescue has positively impacted British Columbia to all across Canada. Chuck joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942, where he served in WWII. After 27 years, he retired his se...

1. Ron Guenther | 32 Years of Search and Rescue


When Guenther first heard about CASARA he was gaining experience as a general aviation pilot. He had read about CASARA in a COPA magazine, then attended a Transport Canada seminar, where a CASARA presentation was made. His interest resulted in him joining the CASARA Niagara Zone, based at CYSN, where he first trained as a spotter, then as a navig...