CASARA was delighted to attend the C2C Search & Rescue Conference in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta (previously called SARSCENE). Across Canada, multiple organizations came together during the year to create another productive search and rescue training event. This included attendees such as SAR Alberta, SARVAC, RCMP Air Services, and multiple vendors. The focus of SARSCENE Events is to provide training and awareness to multiple topics in SAR, with the aim to increase safety, knowledge, and ability.

The major topics covered at this event were Medical Operations, SAR skills, Search Management, SAR Leadership, Disaster/Emergency Management, and more. There were two featured presentations by Dagbjartur Brynjasson (Iceland SAR) and Marco Yurachek (“Surviving a Rescue”).

At the event CASARA was directly involved with Helicopter and Aircraft Training for SAR. This training took place at the Rocky Mountain House Airport, Alberta. Others involved were Ahlstrom Air, STARS, Calgary Police Service, RCMP Air Services, and the Canadian Military. The helicopter portion touched upon safe operations around helicopters, helispots for different types of helicopters, background country landings/takeoffs, loading and unloading SAR personnel, and more! CASARA helped in providing SAR managers with a briefing and an orientation flight to further understand the strategy and tactics used during SAR missions.

There is always a common reason to do this event, and that is so “others may live”. Thank you to all the partners, vendors, and Rocky Mountain House, AB for making this successful event possible!