Charles "Chuck" Pachal - 50 Years In CASARA

In October 2019, PEPAIR/CASARA held a GALA dedicated to a man who has spent 50 years In SAR with CASARA. Charles “Chuck” Pachal is a man who has dedicated a great portion of his life to the advancement of civil and military aviation search and rescue. His efforts in search and rescue has positively impacted British Columbia to all across Canada. Chuck joined the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1942, where he served in WWII. After 27 years, he retired his service career and moved to Kelowna, B.C. This is when Chuck decided to join the Provincial Emergency Program (PEP) Air organization to get involved with SAR.

Chuck has influenced the civil aviation search and rescue community in Canada. Many of the current national and provincial aerial practices in the civilian and military sectors have been influenced by Chuck’s work. In Chuck’s service to PEPAIR/CASARA he held the positions of Pilot, Regional Zone Commander, Deputy Director of PEPAIR, and President of CASARA. His volunteer hours have involved dozens of searches, saving several lives, and through his dedication he has helped bring CASARA to the organization it is today. The civil and military aviation search and rescue practices in Canada would not be what it is today without his efforts and commitment. Chuck is still active in PEPAIR/CASARA and as always, committed to this organization.

This GALA allowed CASARA and Chuck's family to celebrate the work he has done for 50 years! To our first 50 year member, thank you Chuck for your vision and change you have brought to CASARA over the years. Thank you to Alton King (Director of PEPAIR) for hosting the GALA event and to all the speakers that shared their generous stories of Chuck. It was a great celebration and we are thankful for everyone that made it out for that night. It was one to remember!